Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Is It Like To Be a Foster Parent

This video is a unique perspective, from actual Foster Parents as to what it is like to be a foster parent.

Foster families come in all shapes and sizes, there are some common misconceptions about foster families and foster kids. There are so many kids out there with parents who are neglectful, abusive, emotionally unavailable, or maybe they're not even around. Each child needs a few simple things in order to survive, add in some love and they'll thrive!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wedding Photographer and Videographer, but WHO am I REALLY? 4/26/2016

Wedding Photographer and Videographer, but WHO am I REALLY? 4/26/2016

I was recently contacted by a local company in the wedding business wanting to feature some of my work on their website. I was asked to write an article describing who I am, and why I love doing that I do. Over the years, I have worked many jobs. I went to College for Business, and I fully intended on being a businessman all my adult life. Things dramatically changed when the company I was working for when I finished school, went under. I was lost, and I had no back up plan. 

I went on to work a lot of jobs, trying to find what really made me happy. I wanted to make a difference. Not in a Doctor kind of way, but I knew I wanted to really make a mark on the world. It wasn't until my late twenties, and after adopting our 3 boys that I finally realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Being a storyteller at heart, and always loving the true power of capturing moments on film, I transformed my hobbies into a business that brings me to where I am today. 

When I was asked to write an article, I was at a loss. It took me several days of racking my brain before I finally came up with something. Have a read for yourself. Click here to read the article. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Over the years I've had the opportunity to be part of lots and lots of projects. I take every project very seriously, and personally. 

I started out making videos for family and friends for fun, then I did some wedding videos, and from there my business has grown far beyond my wildest expectations. Just recently, some events have unfolded that will expand my business about 3 fold over the next year! I say this not to gloat, but to show that anything is possible. 

I, like many of you, have people in my life that take life for granted. They sit around waiting for something to happen to them. I can promise you this, if you do NOTHING other than sit and wait, you'll be old, grey, and rotten to the core before anything happens to you. 

I seriously LOVE every one of my clients. When someone comes to me with a project that they want to do, I don't just take it on. I have to really believe in the product, the people, and their mission. If I can't feel good about those three things, I kindly turn them on to someone else. When you hire me, I'm putting MY name on your product. I am in a way, endorsing YOUR product, service, or company. If I'm not passionate about what you're trying to accomplish, I know that I won't do a very good job. 

I recently had a company contact me that submitted one of their products to Shark Tank. They made it past the first round, and now they had to make a video presentation to WOW the Sharks. This is their ONE chance to make a HUGE first impression, and I feel like we knocked it out of the park! I have been asked to hold off sharing the video until after the Sharks have seen it. I can't wait! As soon as it airs on Shark Tank, I'll let you know. 

In the mean time, check it out on Amazon. Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Introducing DJI Phantom 4 | Better Than Phantom 3

The world’s biggest consumer drone maker is back with its smartest compact quadcopter yet: The Phantom 4 automatically dodges obstacles, takes amazing video in all directions, and makes you look like a drone pro—even if you’ve never touched one before.

The new Phantom 4 is available for preorder today for $1400, and if you’re interested in drones at all, you need to check this thing out. Yes, it’s $150 more expensive than the starting price of its predecessor, the Phantom 3, but for the extra money you’re getting a lot of new smart features.

The Phantom 4 will be available on Apple's online store later today, making its way to brick-and-mortar locations on March 15. It will be an Apple Store exclusive until March 23.

If you are looking to buy a drone, and your budget won't allow for you to buy a Phantom 4, now is a VERY good time of buy a USED Phantom 3 since a TON of people are going to be upgrading, and selling their Phantom 3 for cheap in order to fund their upgrade.

To look at Phantom 3 on Amazon follow this link

DJI’s Phantom drones have defined what regular people can expect from a camera-equipped quadcopter in the last few years. With each iteration, the Phantom drone’s flight gets a little smoother and its camera gets a touch better. With the Phantom 4, though, it stops being just a camera with wings that’s easy to fly. This drone is damn-near sentient.

The Phantom 4's image quality inches forward this time—the camera has a new lens that should be sharper around the edge of the captured picture. But it’s a huge leap forward in robotics.

The coolest feature by far is the Obstacle Sensing System, which will hopefully help you avoid a bulk of the tree branches and garage doors that get in your way. The system works using two forward-facing optical cameras and two sensors on the underside that scan for objects the Phantom might run into—up to 50 feet away and over 30 feet underneath.

The obstacle-sensing software automatically redirects the Phantom 4 around any object that would disrupt its flight. What’s even cooler is that if the drone senses it can’t fly around an obstacle, it’ll hover in place and wait for your next command, like a floating robotic puppy. When the “return to home” function is activated, the Phantom 4 will avoid obstacles on the way back, too.

Of course this system isn’t perfect, and it can’t avoid what it can’t see. So you still have to think before liftoff—if the drone tries to fly over something and bangs into the tree branch above it, that’s on you.

The Phantom 4's sharp robotic mind comes in handy with a feature called ActiveTrack, which turns the drone into a smart videographer that follows whatever subject you tell it to. Using the DJI mobile app, simply tap on the subject you want the Phantom 4's camera to stay on, and the drone will always keep that subject centered. We’re told there are some limitations to the tracking powers, but really, if it works at all, it’s sort of magical. Life-logging will be enabled in a whole new way.

The Phantom 4 also comes with a Sports Mode that lets hit solid speeds of 45 mph, while maintaining nimble ascent and descent rates. It’s supposed to give you a taste of what drone racing could be like, even if you only bought this thing only to shoot video.

There are some cosmetic and hardware changes this time around, as well. The Phantom 4 has sleeker, more aerodynamic lines, which help it achieve a new top speed without using much more power. The propeller motors are now exposed, allowing for improved heat efficiency. The propellers also attach with a new screwless locking mechanism that works a lot like the top of a medicine bottle: It screws on easy, and then to release it, push down and unscrew.

Preorders start today on and Expect your shiny, new, flying camera with a mind of its own to arrive sometime after March 15.