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There is one thing that everyone craves for, and that is called style. So many make claims of possessing style, but truly speaking few understand its essence. Style is not bought and sold in the market, and spending huge amounts of money does not always translate into fine taste. Style is something more complicated than that.

Talking of weddings and the flowers that must grace the wedding, style and money may not follow the same tune. But there is good news. Nowadays arranging of flowers is bending more towards minimalism. So itís a lot less difficult to come up with an eye-catching interior design on reasonable finances. So what is the way of reducing the cost of flowers without compromising with style? Let me present you with some terrific ideas, like designing a motif of flowers for the wedding that at once easy on the pockets and speaks of style too.

Have an Intimate Bridal Party

If the list of invitees is kept to minimum, then the florist will have to design just that many boutonnieres and bouquets. This would result in quick savings that will not contradict your floral aspirations. And if there are too many close pals then think of giving them alternative important posts ñ like a ceremony reader.

Shrink the Guest List

You will have to adorn fewer isles at the ceremony if there are fewer seats to begin with. And lesser tables at the reception party of the wedding ceremony would indicate lesser floral decoration pieces to keep on them. The concept is this ñ that you will have fabulous arrangements ñ just not too many of them.

Go With the Season

Get a list of the flowers for that season in which your wedding is taking place. The flowers that bloom during the season are easier to get hold of and are seldom very expensive.

Keep It Simple Sista!

Irrespective of the season, there are a few kinds of flowers that would surely be costly to purchase. You can have a session with your florist to know your options. You can in fact make less costly flowers look as stunning as the expensive ones - pack together the same kind of flowers. If you have ever seen a bunch of daisies packed together, you will know what I am saying.

Consider Alternative Arrangements

You can also go in for the latest hot trend of the season ñ beautiful decorations with vegetables, fruits, or grasses. Go green, in other words. Another favorite idea is to scatter flower petals around votive candles. This would create a romantic effect without crippling you financially.

Choose a Naturally Beautiful Location

Call on Mother Nature for help, and who would ask for expensive designs for the wedding? If you plan to have your wedding during the beautiful season of spring in a garden, then no flower arrangement would be necessary at all. Similarly a beautiful church can do the dÈcor trick for you because it would be splendid to look at by its own merit. Then again, during holidays many facilities are decorated anyways. Hence a December wedding might just give you breathtaking garlands and poinsettias without spending a single penny.

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