Monday, October 20, 2014

Affordable Digital Marketing Services !

"Hello Mr. Merchant,I would like to introduce to you a full digital marketing program that will promote your business all across the web at an affordable price.We help business owners reach out to new clients much faster than print, and we help you save money on your digital needs. 

MyCityP rize will create coupons and promote the digital offer s online to thousands of potential new customers on a monthly basis based upon the target audience criteria that you provide us with. In addition to that , we will handle all of your digital marketing needs which is included in the $199 package:Social Media management on a weekly basis (our social media specialist will post images and content about your business 3 times a week on Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest /LinkedIn.Our social mediaexperts will turn your social media sites into a marketing tool to reach out to new customers,not just existing customers,

mobile website creation,Blog Creation,SEO,Online Business Directory Listings, Mobile Alerts, aDigital Marketing Video, and live customer support.

We have many merchants who have received an ROI within the first month of advertising with MyCityPrize, and you could be one of those merchants too."

Notes Information ! Testimonial Videos as follows 

Tanning Salon

Indian Restaurant (Utah)

These are just many of the great benefits your business cant afford to be without 

1) Offers merchants to grow their business 
2) Increase the amount of costumers coming in 
3) Increase the amount of money that customers spend when they come to their store 
4) More customers coming into the store 
5) Affordable
6) Decrease Expenses
7) Improve company brand in local market 
8)Increase Internal & external customer satisfaction
9) Decrease risks

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