Friday, October 31, 2014

Romantic Wedding Venues in Surrey

There are few venues that can capture that romantic atmosphere which every bride craves on their wedding day. However, every bride pictures their day differently.
Do you see yourself stood in the driveway of a manor house or maybe hanging out with your guests in a professionally dressed traditional ballroom? There are many wedding venues in Surrey which boast some of the most scenic and picturesque landscaped in the UK. Sometimes it can feel like there are so many options that it is possible to lose your own vision. 
Make sure that you don’t decide on your wedding venue in Surrey before going to see it in person first. While you are there speak with the staff there to see if your ideas can easily be translated to the space available in the venue. If you want to have large quantities of guests then it is important that all your friends and family can actually fit in your venue!  If you want particular settings to different events on your wedding day you should communicate with the staff at the venue first to ensure you don’t leave broken hearted or worse, crying on your wedding day. A good wedding venue will be realistic in what they can achieve and should communicate this to you without having to be prompted.
Alternatively, if you already have a wedding venue in mind that you have your heart set on, make sure that your plans don’t outgrow your venue. If your plans do change make sure to tell your wedding venue as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment! 
Another important aspect that you must keep in mind when decided your wedding venue in Surrey is whether your wedding and reception will be held at the same venue or not. Even if your venue does have the space to hold your guests during a reception, make sure whether the venue can cater for a sit down meal or if they have a bar. Some venues are happy for you to supply your own catering or to work with an outside catering company, others are not. Be sure not to leave this important part of your wedding to the very end. 
If the venue you have chosen for your wedding is unable to cope with hosting a reception then you should leave enough time to find a reception venue which is close by for your guests. If it is just that little bit further it could be a thought to provide transport for your guests to make the move easier for them and to avoid any lost guests!

If your wedding or reception venue is quite far from the home it could also be worth seeing which venues also provide their own accommodation or can suggest nearby accommodation for guests. Don’t be afraid to ask questions whilst looking around potential wedding venues in Surrey and, if you need to, ask to come back again before committing your wedding day to their venue!  

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