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3 Private Beaches to Have Your Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a day when she will make that dazzling walk down the aisle to tie the knot with her beloved. Perhaps the most important thing to a bride, besides the dress and shoes that she will wear, is the venue that she will carry out this, hopefully, once-in-a-lifetime ritual. And whilst the traditional marriage in the church is still among the most popular ways to tie the knot, more and more people are looking to tie the knot in a beach paradise. After all, didn't the first man and woman wed inside a beautiful natural garden? It only makes sense that the rest of the world would like to experience the same.

Beach wedding is just as spiritual as any other, and oftentimes, even more breathtaking. The fact that you might only get to do this once means that you have to make sure that it is the most magical event in your life. A beach wedding offers a picturesque venue and unforgettable natural memories that you can hold onto for the rest of your life. On the other hand, it requires extensive planning and can sometimes be among the most expensive things to undertake. This is why its important for every couple to make the best decision about who to task with ensuring that everything goes as planned for that big day. For example, if you intend to have a beach wedding, there has to be measures put in place in case it rains or there is a problem with the weather. Only experts in wedding planning can make sure that all these matters are handled and well catered to in the event of their occurrence.

Here top 3 private beaches to have your wedding

Hawaii Beach wedding

The combination of fresh air, tranquil water and natural beauty makes Hawaii one of the best beach holiday destinations. So you can always plan a Hawaii beach holiday to make the most special day in your life unforgettable. As the beaches will provide the perfect scenic place for the wedding ceremonies, you can also plan the wedding without putting any extra time and effort. However, you must concentrate on some simple details to make the wedding comfortable and pleasant for your guests and wedding party.

Some of the Most Creative Hawaii Beach Wedding Ideas

Opt for Decors that Perfectly Complement the Beach: When you decide to marry in Hawaii, the beaches will provide a naturally scenic location for your wedding ceremony. You must maintain the lush natural setting intact to make the occasion more impressive. While choosing decor, you can opt for blues, browns, browns, grays and similar colours that are found in the beaches. You can also optimize on the overall color scheme by adding pink, orange or any other brighter hues.

Wear Shoes that allows you to walk comfortably on the Beach: Like gowns, you need to opt shoes that allows you to walk in the beach comfortable. Normally, sand will enter very easily into closed-toed shoes. Similarly, the heels sinks in the sand. So you can always opt for sandals with flat bottoms or open shoes.

Mention Hawaii Beach Location Clearly: Your wedding guests must know the exact location and the theme of your organized wedding party. Depended on your choice, Hawaii beach wedding may be either casual or formal. So your guests must know the theme of the wedding to wear the right outfit. While composing the wedding invitation, you must mention the theme and location of your wedding clearly.

Keep All Your Guests Involved: Hawaii beach wedding clearly conveys your cheerfulness, casual and easy spirit. However, you can make the occasion a bit more special by actively involving your guests in wedding ceremony. The guests can be involved in a number of minor ways like thanking them individually or ask the minister to speak to the guests as a whole.
Take Loads of Pictures: Hawaii beach wedding will remain incomplete without taking as many pictures as possible. The lush natural setting provided by the beach will further make your wedding photographs spectacular.

Bahamas beach wedding

With more than 5,000 miles of beach in the Bahamas on some 700 islands and cays you are sure to find a Bahamas beach for your wedding. And one that is not only romantic but secluded as well with only you and the seagulls or maybe a friendly shark swimming nearby observing the happenings on the beach.

So if you are thinking about a wedding in the Bahamas you can consider having your wedding in the beach in the Bahamas.

And if you do here are three tips for planning a successful Bahamas beach wedding.
Set the Date Early

While there are no shortage of beaches in the Bahamas. You want to set your Bahamas wedding date early as this will allows you and your guest to take advantage of the early bird airfares and lower cost on hotel accommodation that are available for early booking.

The early you book the more of a cost break you may get. So it is important that you set your date as early as possible.

Not only will setting the date early allow you to save on travel and accommodations but it will also allow those persons planning to attend your wedding sufficient time to renew or apply for a passport which is needed for reentry into the united State.

Hire a Bahamas Wedding Planner

There is really no other way that you can get the localized expertise, advice and guidance that a wedding planner in the Bahamas will be able to provide for you. And this experience with planning destination weddings on the beach will be invaluable in not only saving you time and money but eliminating the stress that come with planning a wedding.

Your Bahamas wedding planner will be able to help you with:

1. Selecting a theme and color scheme for your wedding
2. Finding the beach that is just right for your wedding ceremony, 
3. Evaluation, selection and negotiation with vendors
4. Venue for the reception
5. Wedding officiant
6. Requirements for getting marriage license 
7. All other other arrangements that you may need for your wedding.

Select the Right Time

While Bahamas beach wedding may sound exciting you must appreciate that it is outdoors so you really want to consider the comfort of your bridals party and guest. So you want to have your wedding at the coolest possible time of the day, with the least exposure to the sun.
And you have two options, early to mid morning or later in the afternoon just before sunset. As these times will be the coolest with less exposure to the sun.

And if you choose the afternoon then you will get the added benefit of a the beautiful sunset as a back drop for your wedding pictures.

These three tips, setting your wedding date early, hiring a Bahamas Wedding planner and having your ceremony at the optimum time of the day will not only make your wedding in the Bahamas on the beach a memorable time for all but also gives you the freedom to really enjoy yourself.

Turtle Island, Fiji beach wedding

Turtle island in Fiji offers a perfect location for a beach wedding. This private island is exclusive and only accommodates a few visitors at a time. It provides a very intimate place for beach wedding as shown in http://www.turtlefiji.com/the-ultimate-romantic-hideaway/grand-beach-weddings. There are about 14 beaches in this island hence only 14 couples are allowed to have their wedding here at a time

This island has been described by Conde Nast Traveler as a venue that is hyper-romantic due to its intimate surroundings. Couples can enjoy the best of what life has to offer here with a traditional Fijian wedding or French Champagne gourmet beach-side picnics. They could use the private beaches and private cottages or bures and claim it as their own, even for a little while. Guests could also go horseback riding on the beach, get a soothing massage, or have a romantic dinner by the beach. Everything is possible, and more romantic, here in Turtle Island.

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