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I spent $4500 on my wedding dress and I don't feel bad about it

I spent 7 months planning my wedding and I have a confession to make. I spent $4500 on my wedding dress.

BUT I don’t feel guilty about spending that much on my dress, and here’s why.

While $4500 is a lot of money, it was important to me to feel as beautiful as possible on my special day. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of my wedding day and having a designer wedding dress was important to me. That’s why I’ve been budgeting for this expense since I got engaged. Here is how I did it.

Splurge on the things you value, cut back everything else

Decide on what is important to you and what isn’t. For me that was having my dream dress on my wedding day. I cut back on other areas of my wedding like flowers and the venue so that I could afford my dress.

You should never feel guilty about spending lavishly on something, whether it is a $4500 wedding dress at a bridal shop in Columbus Ohio or a $100 blender. Give yourself permission to buy those expensive big-ticket items, but do so knowing that you need to be a scrooge on things that don’t matter to you.

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It is safe to say that you are snared to the fantasy of having simply the right wedding, yet weighed down with all the fine focuses and obligations put on you to make all the courses of action for your fantasy day all without anyone else present?

A trustworthy and dependable wedding organizer can loan you a hand to make the day you will dependably remember as an eminent encounter instead of a memory deserving of a mental meltdown.

Wedding organizers are known as wedding specialists or wedding facilitators also. A wedding organizer is the spouse's correct hand with respect to every and viewpoint in the custom and capacity. She will be there from the moment the ring goes on the finger to when the last visitor leaves the capacity. The spouse has the choice to give to the extent that as meager obligation to the organizer as she wishes.

Be that as it may how would you know whether you should procure a wedding organizer or not? Here are a couple of circumstances where a wedding organizer can help:

1. The first and more likely than not the most fundamental objective of an expert wedding organizer is to get however much push off the spouse as could be expected and in the meantime as of now giving her a chance to feel to be responsible for the occasion.

2. On the off chance that you are thinking on a funding, your wedding organizer will be steady furthermore be skillful enough to adjust the consumptions. A decent organizer will arrange out what obliges pretty much money related thought. Whatís more, you will more probable head over your financial plan in the event that you arrange without anyone else present. Your wedding organizer won't just make you stay inside the breaking points of your preset plan, additionally knows numerous merchants and can discover specific offers you would normally not have the capacity to get.

3. A wedding organizer will be flexible to the extent that important to help your fantasies for your great wedding, they ought to have the creative energy to both give certainty and complete your unique plans. This is your wedding function. You comprehend what will make it exceptional, and your organizer should help make this blessing from heaven. By the by, these experts realize what is and what is not up to standard for a wedding service. A decent wedding organizer will be truthful about your not all that great thoughts, for example, the best man's brewskie piping test.

4. On the off chance that the function is proposed to be out of state, an organizer around there will be acclimated with the surroundings and will know the best merchants of that district.

5. A standout amongst the most fundamental qualities of your ideal wedding organizer is a common judgment of taste. Ask her about the sort of weddings that she loves and appeal to see cases of past occasions that she has composed. The right organizer can limit determinations in a specific segment based upon your taste. Rather than a huge number of welcomes, a wedding organizer will dispose of the obviously lacking ones and let you pick from the main three.

6. Finally, wedding organizers know all the questions that other people neglects to recall to ask. On the off chance that the function is outside, she will remember where the restrooms are or if transportable ones must be employed. The wedding organizer's primary obligation is to leave no angle untouched.

There are bunches of assets online that you can make utilization of to search for the organizers closest to your area. Remember to cross examine every hopeful to see whether they are skillful and on the off chance that you both see things the same way. When your ideal wedding organizer is taken into administration, quiet down and know your huge day is in great hands.


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The Beauty of Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is often called the "King of Metals" as it has a special allure because it is rare, enduring, and pure. Platinum holds a special place for marrying couples for its unparalleled beauty rises above and beyond the shine of silver and white or yellow gold. The most valued of all precious metals, its worth was worth exceeds that of gold and unlike silver, platinum will never tarnish. This aspect alone makes it an ideal metal for rings which express ever lasting love in the form of wedding rings.

Considered a sign of prestige and status today, its beautiful silver-white color is utterly breathtaking. Platinum was given by the Spanish word, platina, meaning little silver.  Although it has only been fashioned into jewelry in the last two hundred years, years ago, the Spanish had discovered deposits of this rare white metal when they were mining in search for gold in the Choco region in Colombia. Ironically, they considered platinum as a nuisance for their mining of gold. For some fine Platinum wedding rings visit

Many could say that white gold could do the same as platinum for wedding bands but such a statement gives little credit to how truly breathtaking platinum is. Working with platinum is very difficult as it is a harder metal than gold. Although, talented master platinum-smiths who have the expertise to make high-quality platinum wedding rings, creating some of the most beautiful and wearable works of art that bear intricate hand engravings which can last for generations.

When his and her platinum wedding rings are designed, the color is noticeably soothing and when paired with a diamond, platinum accents its sparkle with a delicate yet elegant look.

Platinum rings come in a countless array of designs with differing details to suit personal tastes. For wedding couples who wish to express their love with rings that are to become a family heirloom, platinum is the way to go as it is loaded with glamour. If splendor is priority, a showstopper ring loaded with superb hand artistry and a large center stone. For lovers who partake in more lively activities, the intricate designs can be skipped in favor for a design with a quiet etching and an inlayed stoned so that any bumps and scratches won't be visible upon its surface. Platinum wedding bands with unique engravings look stylish and can stand out from the rest, drawing interest from curious eyes.

A wedding ring reflects the love and life of its wearer. There are those that feel more comfortable in a beautiful platinum band with a complex floral design while others will gravitate toward a classically smooth piece. For its beauty and value, platinum has always been the ultimate expression of celebrations of all kinds: from weddings and anniversaries, to birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

As his and her wedding rings are to be worn for a lifetime, the best choice is the beauty of platinum for it is as eternal as that of the love of its wearers.

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Shab Siarezi: Makeup Artist Long Island

Shab Siarezi: Makeup Artist Long Island 

Shab Siarezi has built a long lasting well known career as a makeup artist here in Long Island . 
She has been in the business since 2001 and knows how to enhance one’s features by incorporating the latest art and fashion trends.
Shab and her team of makeup artists provides a full range of services for fashion shoots, weddings, film, dance and other productions.
They will go to the location and prepare their clients for the special occasion.

Romantic His and Hers Wedding Rings

Marriage is an eternal bond. It is an exceptionally special day in everybody's life. Marriages make perfect sense when you have the amalgamation of style and connection on your very special day. The particular date of your marriage is unforgettable and cherished all your life. Each person wants to gear in their finest that they can on their wedding. For that one day people do planning from months and days to give that perfect upshot to the people in the invitees list. However, often times we forget to pay attention to the wedding ring which is the utmost significant element of the nuptials since devoid of the wedding ring there would not be any wedding! Henceforth, it is highly essential to select superlative His and Hers Wedding Rings for your Wed-lock! For a great selection of unique and unusual his and hers wedding rings you must visit

Wedding Ring Sets:

Incorporating your wedding band into your personal style and fashion sense is crucial. The wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that you will wear continuously. You are obliged to continue wearing it ceaselessly to demonstrate your attachment to your life partner. Consequently, it is incredibly essential to decide on the exact one for your wedding. If you would like we can produce you the optimum ring no matter what you advise us to craft. Either you can be imaginative and let us know what do you like or you can give us an idea about you and your partner's taste and keeping all the commons in contemplation we will deliver you the best of art and style. We can offer you wedding ring sets observing two individuals with dissimilar style and composing it in a distinct design or pattern which can be exactly the same or sometimes slightly dissimilar depending upon your needs and demand.

Matched Wedding Rings:

An uncertainty that arises for each couple is what should my wedding ring appear like?  At the moment, there actually is no precise answer to the question. Fashion has emerged to a large extent that His and Hers wedding rings are not just a matter of wearing a jewelry. It is measured as status emblem too. To tell the truth, Wedding rings are not as conventional as they were before. Society has changed a lot, and what is great about this is: there are no set of laws for your wedding rings design and pattern! You can pick whatever you want to according to your budget and taste. Execute any idea that you love and anything which is substantial to you! You can buy Matched Wedding Rings which are similar looking wedding rings that can give both of you a feel of togetherness and unification all the days of your life.

Unusual Wedding Rings:

Printing anything lovable and unusual in your wedding ring will definitely make it an Unusual Wedding Ring. For example, Date of your wedding, your either names or initials of name etc will make your wedding a completely unforgettable experience. Whereas your wedding ring is a reflection of your persona, allow your glimpses be a part of your wedding rings. Think about doing anything to make your wedding ring more personal to you both. And as time rolls on, it's pleasant to reminisce something which only you two share.

Planning a Beach Wedding

A sandy shoreline, the sound of waves, the smell of outside air and a sensitive breeze blowing through your hair. Yet nostalgic and vital, there are purposes of enthusiasm to give watchful thought to on the off chance that you are organizing a shoreline wedding.

Before picking a specific region for your shoreline wedding, check atmosphere airs for the date you have to get hitched on. It would be more than a basic wedding on the off chance that you held your wedding date for ocean whirlwind season!

When you pick your shoreline wedding region, check whether it is an open or private shoreline. There may be hindrances for either when holding weddings and social events on the premises. Make a point to ask an area or city agent if there are any licenses needed for your wedding and look for them a couple of months early.

Think ahead when organizing a shoreline wedding. For example, sitting seats clearly on the sand is not a conventional thought, in light of the fact that they will inexorably start to sink. Rather, consider renting extraordinary deck to place the seats on. Moreover consider renting shades to haven any wind hazards that may come up the greater part of a sudden, offering umbrellas to shade your guests, if having a day wedding, and offer separated water if the temperatures are hot.

Make sure to advise guests what to wear to your shoreline wedding. Dependent upon the atmosphere, you may consider having them dress coolly to keep them pleasant in the midst of the hot sun and propose them procuring covers case a chill is buzzing around amid the nighttime.

Halting is a substitute consideration regarding take in when organizing a shoreline wedding. A couple of shorelines put their preventing a far reaching division from the shoreline itself. If you are having elderly couples, pre-adult children or individuals who have limited compactness, you may need to rent golf trucks and have ìushersî drive the guests down to the shoreline. Minimal restrooms are an exchange nice thought for your guests if there is not a close-by restroom range near your wedding site.

As is with anything, have a fortification plan when masterminding your shoreline wedding. Rain and winds can play destruction on a shoreline wedding and stunner the entire capacity. Thusly, find a neighboring building that may be rented, church or hotel. For the most part in case you are masterminding a wedding on a resort shoreline, they will have a get-together room, especially doled out for weddings and social affairs.

If you are orchestrating a get-together for your shoreline wedding, use these considerations to gain persisting beautification experiences. Buy can and scoop sets from an adjacent toy office. You can find these incredibly unassuming and for the most part will come as sets. Fill them with amazing blooms, soil developed nourishments or sugary treat. Buy candles with introduced sea shells authoritatively formed into them and set them on a dish, enveloped by sand. A substitute unprecedented thought is acquiring unique formed containers. Load with shaded sand and stick diminished candles from the tops.

By utilizing practical judgment skills and arranging ahead, you can make a lovely, enduring memory that will provide for you and your new spouse another begin to a lifetime of blis

Underwater Wedding Bridal Accessories

Underwater Wedding Bridal Accessories

In the event that you are arranging a submerged wedding you likely just need a couple of marriage accomplices to compliment the service. Presently the gathering could be for family and companions who head out with you to the goal. In the event that you are having a submerged wedding, a few frill you need won't be the conventional wedding adornments yet supplies to swoop submerged. You will require scuba equip, a vessel, the rings and an exceptional veil for rehashing your pledges. Presently you don't need to purchase this gear, however you will need to lease it from the church so to talk.

Before you accumulate your marriage frill together for the service, you have to take several classes to figure out how to scuba drive. This is paramount and some piece of the concurrence with the organization that will wed you submerged. After they feel your gathering is prepared for the huge plunge, you can then arrange the wedding. You have to check the climate and welcome your family and companions to the vessel. You can put a couple of designs on the watercraft, since the visitors and the witnesses don't need to wander into the water in the event that they lean toward not to. They can stay in the vessel.

The watercrafts are furnished with speakers and a feature perspective of the service submerged. Consequently, you may require some wedding embellishments for the vessel so the visitors feel the excite that you feel. You can additionally have a couple of marriage embellishments on the pontoon, for example, a solidarity flame to light as you come up from submerged. You won't sign the marriage permit until you achieve land. At that point you will authoritatively be hitched. Presently the gathering starts. Since you will likely be in Australia when you get hitched submerged, you can arrange a decent Austrian gathering.

Be sure to book your wedding photographer and videographer in advance. We recommend using Ryan Hender Films for all your photography and videography needs.

The wedding adornments for the gathering may incorporate favor little kangaroo table enrichments, these are truly decent for little remembrances of your wedding. You can arrange the gathering with a wedding cake so you made need to lease or purchase a cake extra set. Since flying with the cake adornments will likely no be permitted, you may need to for go this custom all together. Since you were hitched submerged, you may very well need a shoreline party for your visitors. Anything is conceivable when you have an objective wedding submerged. For the gathering, you may incorporate a few garments on your wedding embellishments list, yet it will likely be a bathing suit and a few shoes.

Topic wedding are magnificent, yet submerged wedding are something one of a kind and bizarre. In the nearing years, you may even have the capacity to appreciate the vacation submerged. Different regions of the world are at the present time building submerged special night suites for love birds. This alongside the submerged wedding will make the whole wedding a genuine enjoyment. Thusly, in the event that you are searching for an alternate kind of wedding and vacation, you may need to keep an eye on the submerged lodgings being inherent the nearing years.

Paying For Your Wedding

Numerous couples are selecting to pay for their weddings themselves. A few couples choose to pay for their own particular weddings on the grounds that they have not other decision, some do so as a matter of decision. The best motivation to pay for your own particular wedding is on the grounds that you would prefer not to bargain on how, when and where you get hitched and you are prepared to pay for everything on your own.

The normal expense of a wedding in the U.s. is over $20,000, so financing your wedding obliges a genuine money related duty. The sooner you begin arranging and putting something aside for your wedding, the more of an opportunity you need to think of the important stores. The normal time between the engagement and the wedding day is 12 to year and a half. Such time period provides for you a chance to arrange and put something aside for your wedding. The most imperative errand you have is to focus the aggregate sum you wish to use on your wedding. At that point, separate the sum by the quantity of months to decide the amount cash you have to set aside every month to meet your objective. In the event that you assess that your wedding will cost $25,000, and you have two years until your wedding, you have to spare about $1042.00 for every month. Practically, not everybody can set aside a thousand dollars every month. On the off chance that you are not able to spare enough to take care of every last one of expenses, you may need to begin cutting expenses until you concoct an assume that you can meet. Aside from expense cutting, you can do a considerable measure by sparing one all that you do. You can spare by taking your lunch as opposed to going out, use less on garments and excitement. You could additionally, tackle low maintenance occupation to help you with your financial plan. You have numerous alternatives.

Opening a different bank account for your wedding may encourage uphold the need to spare. Regardless of the possibility that you begin with an unassuming sum an unique wedding investment account ought to help you make the right using and sparing choices.

You can discover approaches to spare cash by adapting to the extent that you can about the items and administrations you requirement for your huge day. The more instructed you get to be about costs, the more you can deal with merchants to verify you get the best conceivable arrangements around the local area.

Book your wedding photographer as soon as you get the venue lined up, as most professional wedding videographers and photographers are booked months and even years in advance.

Perfect Wedding Venue - Having A ball In The Perfect Hall

So it`s over now those popular words have been talked consummation the ideal wedding administration - I now profess you spouse and wife. At that point we have the ideal wedding dress on the spouse as the performance photograph shoot happens while the ideal lucky man looks on with pride. Flawlessness closes with a superbly sorted out Wedding Venue. In the event that all your arrangements were done appropriately to your particular necessities of having the best of everything then there is no compelling reason to stress.

The Wedding Venue where your gathering is to happen is generally as paramount as another piece of your wedding arrangements. The rave starts on the night of the wedding where visitors party into the night and move till day break (contingent upon the venue) Gatherings could be vast or little relying upon your visitor list so hence the measure of the Perfect Wedding Venue must be precisely thoroughly considered.

Approach loved ones for guidance on nearby venue corridors as they may host went to gatherings in the past which places them in a position to answer your inquiries as a rule - like the size - seating limit if any and what tenets and regulations must be followed as well.

Case the joint to talk in the event that you go to view - your ideal wedding venue will have a feel about it that you are either content with or not - retreat a second time if need be.

Don`t hurry matters and take as much time as required before settling on any choice. A wedding is an extremely vital event so given us a chance to hit the nail on the head from the earliest starting point. Arrangements to discover your Perfect Wedding Venue can require some serious energy so praiseworthy arranging is an important step. Twelve prior months the marriage is to happen is the point at which the hunt ought to start. What you need to recall is there possibly different occasions happening in the meantime as your wedding who might additionally be intrigued by the same building or lobby that you have your eye on. So acknowledge the early riser has an advantage.

Extremely paramount is the size so it is savvy to counsel the visitor list before reserving any spot. Your wedding venue won't be impeccable if to little and if to huge then that may bring about unnecessary expenses which could be put to an alternate decent use like all the more using cash for the special night. It is reasonable that exact numbers can not be given at the time of booking because of the way that a few visitors will most likely be unable to go to on the night - however it is best to go off approximates so you don`t lose the venue however faltering of vulnerability.

On the off chance that a live band is to play the music at your wedding venue then kindly help yourself out and look at the move floor and stage size. Additionally it is fundamental to check the clubs governs on the music.

Check whether the venue you have busy can suit your visitors with distributed stopping territories. Your visitors perhaps going from away to go to the occasion. Similarly as with any wander when booking a lobby for whatever the event - make certain to ask however many inquiries as could be allowed. There possibly confinements in regards to music and conclusion times for specific territories where your ideal wedding venue is constantly held.

Before sprucing up the lobby with enhancements highlighting the event recollect to ask authorization, check if the wedding corridor will permit you to customize the room by bringing along your caterer, flower vendor.

There have been numerous bombshells at weddings where the probably immaculate wedding venue turned out not all that flawless truth be told. Yet there you go not every one of us are impeccable concerning settling on the right choice so if in uncertainty get out and discover somebody who is more enlightened up on the best way to house many visitor while they have a great time.

If you are looking for a professional wedding videographer, we recommend Ryan Hender Films. Click here to book!

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Utah Wedding Videos - Ryan Hender Films





You might feel that a wedding video presentation is a luxury that you might do without. Consider this: Only a video will let you hear your loved one's vows or see you enthusiastically smooshing cakes in each others' faces. A wedding event short movie captures all the sights and sounds of what will be one of the best exciting days of your life
Many newlyweds who desire a dvd try to save money by asking a relative or pal to record the wedding celebration. But this could be a dangerous choice! Most amateurs don't have prior experience shooting weddings and possess minimal practical experience about the ceremony or practices involved. Which indicates there certainly's a likelihood that they will miss out on important shots
Consider the volunteer videographer who set up his camera on the far side of the wedding guests, anticipating the bride's grand entrance. He had a stunning view of the wedding procession. Unfortunately, he was totally unrehearsed the moment everybody stood at the star ofthe wedding's arrival and his great shot was blocked. By the time he 'd shut down the camera and moved to a better location, he 'd failed to see her walk down the aisle. Think of the dissatisfaction of anyone observing that video presentation
Better to prevent these scenarios by adhering to the suggestions of industry specialists who point out you should prepare to spend as much on the wedding video as you do on your photographs. And it makes sense when you consider it. Your wedding day will become one of the best memories of your life with each other as a couple. A video will keep the memory alive (yes, even Granddad Bart's intoxicated belly dance!)
Speaking of memories, ensure that the individual you have behind the video camera is somebody you feel relaxed with. You'll be spending as much of your wedding celebration day with these people as you will with your professional photographer

Book your videographer as soon as feasible-- six months to a year ahead of time is advisable. The best ones may be reserved far ahead of time. As always, begin by means of chitchating to friends and family having recent wedding experience. Trusted, firsthand experience is typically going to be your best choice. Various other excellent sources include your professional photographer, local wedding advisors, pre-wedding show exhibitors and any other people you can think of in the wedding celebration profession. Most will certainly have worked with a wide array of videographers and should be able to supply names to consider-- or maybe stay away from! One can also find prospects in your regional advertisements, on the Web and by contacting the Better Business Bureau.
Narrowing It Down

Your videographer will certainly want advance warning regarding any lighting or sound difficulties. Unless they are quite acquainted with your sites, they will need to search the specific locations ahead of time. Find out if there would be surcharges for this service. And get in touch with your site's administration concerning any type of restrictions or rules regarding recording. You'll really want your videographer in the know

You'll also wish to go over the number of cams that will be utilized. If possible, ask to be shown example Videos produced from the video footage of one camera compared to that of a pair of or several cameras in order that you can easily learn the distinction. Be aware that the cost rises with the add-on of each video camera. Also ask about the prior experience amount of any crew a videographer works with.
Are there any professional photographers around that you have had difficulty associating with?

Our videographers consistently bring back-up equipment on location. You really don't want to miss out on any crucial moments because your shooter's battery ran out! What type of satisfaction promise do you offer? You need to know how a videographer will handle any issues. A lot of will happily clarify their policies and spell out all warranties and responsibilities in the agreement.
Costs Included
Professional videography may possibly be a considerable purchase for you. Assuming that you're keen to make this investment, count on spending a minimum of several hundred bucks on an expert wedding day video.

A wedding and reception video records all the sights and sounds of what will definitely be one of the very most amazing times of your life
Many couples who really want a video try to save money by asking a relative or friend to record the wedding. Consider the volunteer videographer who set up his camera on the far side of the wedding guests, anticipating the bride's grand entrance. Your wedding day will become one of the greatest memories of your life together as a married couple. Other good sources include your photographer, local wedding consultants, bridal show exhibitors and any other people you can think of in the wedding industry.

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Lingerie For Your Big Day

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Lingerie For Your Big Day

The perfect wedding underwear, complimenting bride and dress, gives comfort and confidence throughout the day and should make you feel and look nothing short of spectacular. As a bride to be you should be asking yourself - what are the key bridal trends of 2014, before finding the ideal lingerie outfit for you:
Fantastic Bridal Colour Trends - 2014
If you are getting married this year or next then you will be thinking about color, a lot I'm guessing. You should be aware of 2014 wedding color trends. This will help you in planning your wedding and creating a look that will be memorable.
Pink shades - Pink theme weddings have always been very popular and they can be done in new, exciting, and classy ways, and can be the element that makes your wedding decorations beautiful.
Gray - Gray has become a surprisingly popular color for weddings in the last couple of seasons, and this trend is forecast to continue for 2014 weddings. There are many colors which can be paired with gray, some intuitive and some more offbeat; these are some of the most lovely gray wedding color palettes.
Aqua - Those water colors or other bright colors will be one of the hottest wedding colors in the year 2014 and aqua if of course included.
Now that I've got you thinking about your bridal lingerie, you will quickly discover there's far more decisions to be made than simply choosing from ivory or white. Let's take a look at some top picks for the 2014 / 2015 bride -
There’s a host of bridal bustiers out there, for brides who are looking more for support ‘up top’ than for their waistline. Usually shorter than a corset, A bustier also has elements of boning in the design, however their waist holding effects will not be nearly as good as a corset. Great options for backless dresses or dresses with a low back, wedding bustiers also make a perfect choice for your wedding day lingerie as they easily double-up as your sexy lingerie for the wedding night . Also, they tend to have a nice romantic tone to them.
Make The Most
Everyone is looking for more for their money this year. With this in mind it's useful to consider other outfits and events where you can wear your wedding lingerie again. Feel like your big day's underwear is for your marriage, not just your for wedding day.
Stylish Lace
In terms of style we feel that lace, romantic and tradition are going to be the strong tones for wedding lingerie in 2014, nothing too over the top, but more subtle and suggestive rather than big and bold. Of course, at the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference and tastes, after all it’s your wedding!
Whatever you choose make sure you work from as recent measurements as possible, all of our sales staff have been on fitting courses and are fully qualified to help with sizing and have a great product knowledge of all of our bridal lingerie ranges.
For brides to be in the UK, have some fabulous luxury bridal lingerie that will make you feel, and look, like a dream on your wedding day.

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The Most Important Gift of My Life - A Review Of

I was never a fan of oil paintings and I used not to trust online services until I found!

Here is my story:

I had some issues about giving out my credit card details to any stranger so I chose to send email to the customer service team of for inquiry. They told me that the process of online order placement is 100% safe. They even showed me their certification which is basically a permanent neutral external review of their website. The sitelock logo is displayed on their website and by clicking it the safety can be checked day by day.

After getting surety from Portrait-Painting customer services, I was feeling safe that my financial details are secure and in good hands. I asked them to help me create an adorable painting for my girlfriend. I initially paid only 20 percent of the total price excluding shipping charges. The best part of the deal is that if the final product is not according to your requirements and you don’t like it, you don’t need to pay anything more. Knowing this about the deal, I was very much sure that their portrait artists will work hard to produce the best possible quality product and it will be convincing for me to purchase the painting.

I wished to propose her to marry me. I sent Portrait-Painting our photo and asked them if they can use this picture to produce some outstanding portrait that could help me impress and pleas my girlfriend. Then we discussed some ideas about the portrait.

They noted all my requirements and came up with some great ideas. They sent me a Prototype within next twenty four hours. A Prototype is a preview of how the original painting layout will look after painting. I was so surprised and excited, it was looking fantastic. I approved the prototype instantly and asked them to work as fast as possible to make that painting for me.
Portrait-Painting sent me an email to ask that if I would like to add a frame to my painting. I had no idea which frame will suit it so in order to seek idea from them; I asked for some more prototypes with different frames to check which frame will suit my painting. One of the customer service representatives gave me an idea that the shiny gold premium frame will best suit my painting and will make it look even more beautiful. 
Finally the painting was complete and I received a preview of it. It was impressive and I was so happy with it. Without waiting anymore, I quickly paid rest of the 80% amount. I wanted the portrait for my girlfriend’s birthday party and was worried that I’ll not receive it on time. Portrait-Painting assured me that painting is complete and will be shipped the very next day. They guaranteed the timely delivery of it. I was surprised that how quick the service was. They took only one week to create such an amazing painting and shipping was very fast.  
It is exactly what I wanted the artist to do and he definitely did the same. The colors are so vibrant and they really captured the true beauty of my girlfriend. The branches of tree and the sun make the painting look like a romantic scene. I am also very happy that the artist captured every detail of her dress i.e. embroidering, the rose petals and even the shadows of the trees.
The great day finally came and I was so nervous. My hands were shaking when I presented the portrait to my girlfriend along with the engagement ring in front of all our family and friends. I was thinking that what if she didn’t like the idea to marry me? I never spoke a single word yet and she instantly said YES! It was a gracious moment for me. She was so happy with the painting and she couldn’t even believe how creative I was to propose her for marriage in such a special way. 
We are planning our wedding ceremony and will defiantly use the services of again, maybe for one of our wedding photos, a painting of our four year old son or for my mother’s birthday. is amazing. They take a simple photo and transform it into an outstanding piece of artwork. I have viewed many of their custom paintings on their website and facebook page. It was difficult for me to believe that they were 100% handmade until I received my own painting. You can even see the brushstrokes on the background and every detail is visible.  
Whenever I tell the price I paid for this painting to those who visit my home, they don’t believe me. I have got a museum quality painting for near to no money. The painting is hanging over the wall, above my fireplace so that everyone can see it. 
If you want to get a master piece of art work for your home or a perfect gift for a family member or a close friend, then portrait painting is the best choice for you. The prices are reasonable and the quality is exceptional. 
I have recommended the company to all my family, friends, colleges and everyone I know. I’m so happy with the outcome and satisfied how easy and secure the process was. 
The crew at was really helpful. I would like to thank everyone there for all their hard work and a special thanks to the artist who created such a beautiful piece of artwork and the customer service team who gave me some great ideas to beautify the portrait.
I am writing this review to publish on this blog in favor of the company because they helped me to fulfill my wish and played an important role in creating a special and memorable moment in my life. They really made my day.