Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Beauty of Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is often called the "King of Metals" as it has a special allure because it is rare, enduring, and pure. Platinum holds a special place for marrying couples for its unparalleled beauty rises above and beyond the shine of silver and white or yellow gold. The most valued of all precious metals, its worth was worth exceeds that of gold and unlike silver, platinum will never tarnish. This aspect alone makes it an ideal metal for rings which express ever lasting love in the form of wedding rings.

Considered a sign of prestige and status today, its beautiful silver-white color is utterly breathtaking. Platinum was given by the Spanish word, platina, meaning little silver.  Although it has only been fashioned into jewelry in the last two hundred years, years ago, the Spanish had discovered deposits of this rare white metal when they were mining in search for gold in the Choco region in Colombia. Ironically, they considered platinum as a nuisance for their mining of gold. For some fine Platinum wedding rings visit OrlaJames.com

Many could say that white gold could do the same as platinum for wedding bands but such a statement gives little credit to how truly breathtaking platinum is. Working with platinum is very difficult as it is a harder metal than gold. Although, talented master platinum-smiths who have the expertise to make high-quality platinum wedding rings, creating some of the most beautiful and wearable works of art that bear intricate hand engravings which can last for generations.

When his and her platinum wedding rings are designed, the color is noticeably soothing and when paired with a diamond, platinum accents its sparkle with a delicate yet elegant look.

Platinum rings come in a countless array of designs with differing details to suit personal tastes. For wedding couples who wish to express their love with rings that are to become a family heirloom, platinum is the way to go as it is loaded with glamour. If splendor is priority, a showstopper ring loaded with superb hand artistry and a large center stone. For lovers who partake in more lively activities, the intricate designs can be skipped in favor for a design with a quiet etching and an inlayed stoned so that any bumps and scratches won't be visible upon its surface. Platinum wedding bands with unique engravings look stylish and can stand out from the rest, drawing interest from curious eyes.

A wedding ring reflects the love and life of its wearer. There are those that feel more comfortable in a beautiful platinum band with a complex floral design while others will gravitate toward a classically smooth piece. For its beauty and value, platinum has always been the ultimate expression of celebrations of all kinds: from weddings and anniversaries, to birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

As his and her wedding rings are to be worn for a lifetime, the best choice is the beauty of platinum for it is as eternal as that of the love of its wearers.

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