Monday, April 20, 2015

First Project Done In A While

Since the move from our old house, it's been difficult to get settled into the new living situation. Taking care of kids every day is a challenge in and of itself. Getting them up, bathed, dressed, fed, and to school on time is enough to make most people crazy. I got into a rhythm in our old house, but now that we are with the in-laws, the kids have new spaced to play.  More places to play means more messes, and a bigger house means that I can't keep an eye on them every second of the day while I am trying to edit videos. 
As if that weren't challenging enough, having hard drive failures have also delayed all working progress, and made me start over on multiple projects. Then we had the internet fiasco, realizing that the internet speed wasn't enough to sustain my demanding uploading and downloading that I didn't realize I did so much until I had basically NO internet! We went from 100Mbps to 1-5Mbps.. 
Anyway, I have been at it working hard this week and have finally completed my first project since the big move! I hope you like it! I tried some different techniques that I haven't used before, I think it turned out pretty good. I can't wait to make my next big purchase for my business, it will totally transform my video productions going forward. 

Utah Wedding Videos - Dusti + Jose - Ryan Hender Films from Ryan Hender Films on Vimeo.

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