Monday, October 6, 2014

Wedding Photography - 5 Tips and Tricks for Stunning Photos

When it comes to matrimonial photos, there is very little room for error. Everyone wants high-quality pictures, and the pressure is always on photographers to capture a perfect setting that newlyweds will cherish forever. 

5 Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks 

Ask the Bride and Groom for Favorite Photos - Ask the bride and groom to give you a list of two or three must-have photos in advance. These could include an entire family portrait, cutting the cake, walking down the aisle, etc. You will naturally probably take these shots

Get Enough Lighting - Overexposure can instantly ruin a photo and not having enough light is equally harmful. Anyone can make photos look better by taking shots that have enough natural lighting. So, during any outdoor settings with the bride and groom, take advantage of natural light and your surroundings. 

Capture the Smallest Details - There is some extensive planning that goes into a wedding. That includes down to the bouquet of flowers, special gift wrapping, the intricate details of the bride's gown, and more. You should capture close-ups of these items, too. They are an intricate part of the wedding, too. 

Make Digital Edits - You can edit many of the photos that you make with your digital camera. You can make some good photos look great, and turn others you wanted to delete into shots that are worth saving. Of course, there is Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as other commercial editing programs that can accomplish this. 

Reduce Wedding Photographer Costs - No one in their right mind is going to have a wedding without a professional photographer. However, some people might not have the money to pay for an all-day event. To reduce costs considerably, hire your wedding photographer for the ceremony and an hour before and after. This should get most of the photos that you need while at the same time cutting costs. 

Wedding photography is a fine art. You must practice to get better at it. Also, if you better prepare, you will reduce stress and lower the chances of anything bad happening. Remember about Murphy's Law, "If something can go wrong, it will." If you prepare yourself, you will always have better results. 

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