Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10 Amazing Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

If you want your wedding to be memorable, you should start looking for a photo booth for hire. Photo booths are usually used in different occasions such as birthday parties, corporate events, and the like. But, photo booths are perfect for weddings, too.
Here are the top reasons you should get a photo booth for your wedding:
  1. Photo booths are exciting and fun!
Your guests will have lots of fun posing in front of the camera. Photo booths also come with amazing photo props that your guests can use. People naturally like to act silly and do wacky poses in front of the camera. Photo booths capture many funny moments. Various companies have provide different kinds of props like novelty hats, jewelries, fans, guitars, wigs, fake mustaches, veils, stuffed toys, crowns, and oversized glasses to make thing more interesting, exciting, and fun. You can even gamely pose with your guests.
  1. Photo booths save time and money.
When you have picture booths at your wedding reception, you will save time. You can focus on other important things. You do not have to hire many wedding photographers. You can just hire one professional photographer. Photo booths are also affordable. It yields more benefits given its cost. You can also choose a picture booth that can accommodate many people, thus saving you time. Bigger booths allow your guests to take pictures in big groups. So, it’s double the fun and excitement.
  1. Pictures are great party souvenirs.
Photos taken from the wedding photo booths can be great party favors. The photos will symbolize fun memories that your guests have shared with you during your wedding day. These photos are also more affordable compared to other party favors like mugs, fans, and hats.
  1. They’re easy to use and operate.
With photo booths, you do not have to hire an operator. The guests can operate the machine themselves. You can also ask a friend to operate it. 
  1. Enjoy unlimited, endless photo taking.
Most picture booth rental companies charge hourly and not per picture. Your guests can actually take as many photos as they like! 
  1. Experience fast printing.
Photos taken from booths are printed in just seconds. Your guests can get their pictures right away.
  1. You can get soft copies of the pictures.
Most picture booth rental companies provide soft copies of the pictures to their clients. You get to see the wacky poses of your family and friends and you get to reprint these photos.
  1. Have a personalized design layout.
You can choose the design layout to customize the pictures. You can also print your wedding date and some important message of gratitude for your guests on the photos.
  1. Access photos through the photo booth’s online photo gallery.
Most picture booth rental companies have online photo galleries. You can directly view the photos by accessing the company’s website. Your guests can access the rental company’s website, too.
  1. Photo booths build camaraderie among your guests.
Weddings are usually awkward and the guests rarely talk to each other. Photo booths will get your guests to engage in small talk. Photo booths are great conversation starters. Your guests will enjoy your wedding even more because they get to socialize with other guests while waiting for their turn.
Photo booths are affordable, practical, and most of all fun. These do not only produce quality pictures and preserve happy memories. They are also a natural source of entertainment. Your guests will have lots of fun and laughter. These booths will give you and your guests an unusual experience. These booths will surely make your wedding more memorable.
This article was written with help of Curt Hems at OMG Entertainments, a UK photo booth hire company.

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