Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Designer engagement rings in rose gold

Designer engagement rings in rose gold 

A well-chosen engagement ring should reflect its owner’s personality. The simple silver ring is always a safe option but if you’re looking to make a truly impressionable choice, color stones speak both classy and extravagant.
Sapphire engagement rings are currently the hottest trend out there. The sapphire is indeed the second hardest mineral after the diamond. This hardness, combined with the mesmerizing sparkling look of the gem makes it an incredible choice for engagement jewelry. Sapphires can be found in a variety of colors, including pink and white, but most designers prefer the traditional deep sea-blue color of the gem. 
The deep blue sapphire ring that appeared on the hand of Kate Middleton quickly turned into a fashion that inspired hundreds. The basic model features a cut sapphire surrounded by precious metal – silver or white gold, you name it. For more traditional brides, designers have created exquisite antique-style rings with engravings on the sides and mesmerizing sapphires in the centre. 
Currently, designers also offer extravagant color combinations with sapphire, culminating in unusual and unique pieces of jewelry that are sure to catch the eye. The most appealing choice so far is the combination of cut emerald center surrounded by sapphire. Rose gold settings, both with diamonds and not, seem to be the most popular choice for sapphire rings.
With the emergence of Etsy online shoppers now have the added benefit of finding one of a kind jewelry and this stands true of sapphire rings as well. There are a few designers out there, our eye caught sapphire enngagement rings by EidelPrecious – peach & pink sapphires in rose gold and platinum settings.
The sapphire engagement ring craze started as early as Princess Diana’s famous 18-carat piece – the same one that Kate Middleton received. The color has since symbolize both class and fashion, and the vibrant colored stones have evolved into a style of their own. 
Actress and breast cancer activist Elizabeth Hurley appeared with an exquisite square-cut sapphire surrounded by white diamonds. Currently oval and square cuts are the preferred choice for engagement rings, and cut-sapphires look amazingly when combined with diamonds or silver. 

Sapphire engagement rings are a bold, yet stunning choice for any engagement ring. The trend that started with the exquisite Princess Diana’s piece has now become a worldwide trend, favored and followed by number of celebrities and fashion icons. 

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