Tuesday, January 6, 2015

18 Carat White Gold Wedding Rings for Women

All About 18 Carat White Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is a soft, but durable metal. Pure gold is a yellow color, and is mixed with other metals for strength and hardness. The carat is determined based on the amount of pure gold that is mixed with a type and amount of another material. White gold is favored among women for a variety of reasons, including its durable properties, softness and beautiful luster. 18-carat white gold wedding rings available from Orla James are beautiful, particularly durable and won’t tarnish, corrode or otherwise react to the wearer’s skin, making it ideal for wedding and engagement rings. White gold is fairy similar to platinum and palladium, however it is far less expensive while offering the same, long-lasting durability.

Why are White Gold Wedding Rings Preferred?
Not only is this beautiful metal highly durable, but it offers a bright shine to the wearer. The appearance should be silvery white, with a shine that compliments other white diamonds magnificently. As most white gold wedding rings are offered in 14 carat or 18 carat versions, it’s important to know what these numbers mean. For example, the 18 carat is 18 parts pure gold, while the 14 carat is 14 parts pure gold. The rest of the gold is made up of white materials such as silver, manganese, palladium or nickel. Be sure to check the types of white materials used, as some people have allergies to nickel. A majority of manufacturers will use silver, copper and palladium. When white gold is created, the result is not necessarily white. While the color can vary depending on the type of metal used when it was crafted, it is usually brown, grey or a pale yellow before it is rhodium-plated to achieve a whiter, finer finish.

White gold is culturally and historically important to many people. Gold itself symbolizes wealth, wisdom and divinity, while being highly traditional for wedding and engagement bands. White gold wedding rings don’t tarnish, lending an additional meaning to the metal: the couple’s eternal vows on their special day. White gold wedding rings for women are not only long lasting and beautiful, but they are less expensive than other options these days. White gold is more available, and is lightweight in comparison to other metals.

Popularity among All

Women’s wedding rings come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, styles and colors. White gold wedding rings have been found to be one of the most preferred types, and most people don’t even understand why. They love it for its neutrality, which allows it to match well with almost anything. The white gold gives the ring a cleaner look that is easy on the eyes and beautiful in color. It is easy to care for, and inexpensive, as all you need to do is get it re-dipped in a coating of rhodium every 12-18 months of wear. For a beautiful, ever-lasting women’s wedding ring, one of the top choices has to be white gold wedding rings.

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