Sunday, July 26, 2015

Erin + Rob | Sundance Mountain Resort Wedding Photography

I had the absolute honor to work with Erin and Rob at their wedding yesterday. It was a perfect sunny day at Solitude Mountain Resort. What an amazing place to hold a wedding. The venue was so simple, yet elegant.

Erin and Rob got married on top of a huge boulder outside The Inn at Solitude just after 4pm. What a wonderful memory!

Having not met Rob and Erin, it was very easy to see their love of life, and of each other. They were simply adorable together, and absolutely inseparable. Their love is so deep, yet so simple. During the reception, a friend of the Bride told the story of how the couple met. Erin was dressed up in costume as a "nerd". "Tragically unattractive" as it was put. Rob knew right then that he had to ask her out. Here we are two wonderful years later at their wedding with family and friends.

I have shot a lot of weddings, and this group was by FAR the funnest group to work with. They partied hard, and late. Nobody held back when it came to dancing. Not to mention the DJ who really brought the house down!

I couldn't wait, so here are some of the images from the night. So much fun!

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