Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adding Personal Touches to Your Wedding

A perfect wedding isnít only beautiful, itís personal. Itís got carefully selected details that are meaningful to you and your fiancÈ.  Here are some very simple ways to add your own subtle, unique touches to your ceremony and reception:

ïWrite your own wedding vows. It doesnít have to read like poetry; the important thing is that it comes from your own heart. Print it out on an index card and keep it handy during the ceremony.
ïCompile a CD with songs that symbolize your relationship or how it evolved. Play this during your reception or even burn a copy and distribute as souvenirs. Insert a small piece of paper explaining why you chose those songs.
ïInstead of tossing your bouquet, present it to your mother (or a dear friend or mentor) during your reception. You can also have an additional bouquet made for your groom to present his mother at the same time.
ïGuests often have free time on their hands during their reception. In the center of the table, place several pens and small pieces of paper in a pretty basket. Ask them to write their wishes, prayers, or advice for you and your fiancÈ. Compile in a scrapbook.
ïMost wedding reception programs revolve around the couple: friends give speeches. Do something for the guests. Make a video of you and your fiancÈ talking about the people whoíve taught you what true love means. Mention friends whoíve demonstrated real loyalty, or family members who made great sacrifices for you. Intersperse your video with their photos. This is your chance to say thank you to all of them.
ïIf you have a close friend or family member who passed away, make him or her part of the occasion by inserting a small photo in your bouquet, or lighting a tribute candle at the church ceremony.
ïIf you have ethnic roots, incorporate a marriage ritual from your culture into your ceremony or perform it during your reception.
ïWear an heirloom. For example, you can use your grandmotherís veil, or wear a locket that belongs to your mother. This is an excellent way of creating a sense of continuity between generations, celebrating your own family even as you go on to begin your own.
ïPrepare an audio-video presentation that will be played during the last dance of the bride with the father. This can be just a simple montage of childhood photos. A guaranteed tear-jerker!
ïIf you have kids, help them feel like theyíre part of the new family by asking them to stand next to you as you say your vows.
ïAdd little elements that say something about your relationship as a couple. For example, if youíre giving away picture frames, insert a poem that you wrote or a copy of your wedding vows. If you met at a beach (and would rather not have a beach-themed wedding) incorporate shells into your table centerpiece.

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