Monday, June 2, 2014

Deciding On The Best ìSeasoningî For Your Wedding

By choosing flowers that are in season, you are allowing yourself to be in tune with nature. Of course, by realizing and following the seasons, you are also able to get the freshest and least expensive flowers, so everyone wins.

For fall and winter weddings

For the cooler months, you will be able to find appropriate, warmly colored flowers. Fall flowers include chrysanthemums, dahlias, gerber daisies, hydrangeas, roses, sunflowers and zinnias. Gerber daises come in a variety of colors, so youíll be able to match whatever color scheme you end up choosing.

Winter weddings can opt for forsythia, hydrangea, tulips, and roses. For a fun idea, why not try bunches of white roses at a winter wedding? These would look beautiful against darker bridesmaid dresses, while an accent of a few red roses would be perfect in the brideís bouquet.

For spring and summer weddings

Although it may seem that all flowers should be available in the spring and summer, this is not necessarily true. Many flower growers are in different parts of the world, and their seasons can be very different.

For a spring wedding, you may want to choose flowers such as daffodils, forsythia, gerber daisies, hyacinth, iris, lilac, pansy, foxglove, peony, snapdragons, roses, star of Bethlehem, tulips, or violets. The selection is much larger in the warmer months, but this is also prime time for weddings, so you may be faced with shortages.

In the summer, weddings with lilies, daisies, geraniums, pansies, roses, violets and zinnias make for beautiful settings. Try to incorporate a few into the overall design to add texture and depth to the decorating scheme.

Flowers can make for a beautiful, natural touch to any wedding plans. Finding ones that are in season will help to ensure that you are getting the freshest varieties without any artificial help from chemicals or colorings.

Some advice for ordering flowers though, you will want to make your plans well in advance of your wedding. Not only will this save you troubles in planning, but it also allows you enough time to change your arrangements if thereís a particular flower shortage for the year, or if you just happen to change your mind.

Sit down with a florist to see what they suggest. Many times, they can create beautiful arrangements without the cost that you might incur by doing it on your own.

Having a second plan is always a good idea in any part of wedding planning.

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