Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY Wedding Decorations
Planning a wedding requires a lot of attention to detail. This includes the decorations for the ceremony and the reception. To give your wedding a more personal touch DIY wedding decoration is an easy and fun idea. There are countless choices in décor that will make your wedding memorable for everyone in attendance. 
To decorate your altar, tissue paper pomander is always a good choice. No matter what type of wedding you are throwing this makes for a cost-effective contribution to your big day. You can choose to use either muted colors for a romantic feel or bolder colors for a more daring feel. 
If you are holding an outdoor wedding that will last until after sun down a great way to both light and decorate your wedding reception is to hang paper lanterns. These lanterns are very cost effective while still remaining a nice touch to your reception. Within the lanterns the best thing to use is Led lights that are battery powered. These lanterns can generally only be used once, but they can light your wedding reception for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, which is much more time than you will likely ever need. 
Another great way to light your wedding reception is to use candles. Used in your centerpieces your reception will have a particularly romantic feel to it. Floating candles are an even better choice if your goal is to create a very romantic atmosphere. One cheap and easy way to make beautiful centerpieces is to take clear bowls and fill them with water, floating candles and even flower petals. 
When you are throwing a springtime wedding décor that you can use to match the feel of the spring season is wheatgrass. To get started you can purchase a kit for growing wheat grass and plant it several weeks before the day of your wedding. Once grown, they can be used as garnish on the food table at the wedding reception if you are having a buffet style reception. 
For an interesting twist on your typical wedding décor colored water pearls can add a splash of excitement to your wedding. These gel based beads must be soaked in water in order to expand them. Once this is done you can take clear glass vases and put the beads in them. This makes great table décor and you can even let guests take the vases home at the end of the night. With tall, thin vases you can combine the water pearls with LED lights tucked into the vases. The light that is given off will make your water pearls even more eye catching. 

If you are a gardener you can use your green thumb skills to include potted plants as décor on your wedding day. For a unique twist you can choose to put the plants in tins and cans rather than traditional flower pots. This is another great way for you to create décor for your wedding that your guests can take. 

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