Monday, July 7, 2014

Utah Wedding Videos Shannon + Austin

Shannon and Austin were a riot to work with. The night before the wedding, the family held a rehearsal dinner in the Groom's families' backyard. The yard was perfectly manicured, and decorated exquisitely with fun spring colors. This was before it was completely destroyed by a sudden downpour just minutes before the rehearsal dinner was scheduled to commence.

Without missing a beat, the family uprooted the whole operation, and relocated to the dinner to the church down the street. Everyone, including the bride was in great spirits all things considered. There wasn't a negative word escaping the mouth of anyone the whole night.

The next morning was as beautiful as could be, gorgeous multicolored clouds adorned the deep blue sky. Family and friends joined Shannon and Austin as they were sealed in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

The reception was held afterwards in the backyard that was destroyed the night before. There was absolutely nothing out of place. If you didn't witness the flash flooding the night before, you would't have known that the decorations had to be installed for a third time just before the reception could be held.

There was a high level of love and respect in the air, with many kind words being spoken about both the Bride and Groom. This fine group of people have a deep level of love for one another, that was so obvious.

If you have an event coming up, I would love to be your videographer!

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