Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts are so important

Why Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts are so important

Your bridesmaids were the ones that were there for you calming you down before you went on your first date with the one who is now your Fiancé, and the ones you called the second you got back from that date to share every detail! They’ve been there through it all so it’s only right that you show them how special they really are for you with a personalized gift!

Unique and personalized gifts for each bridesmaid will really show them how much you treasure their friendship and all the hard work they’ve put in on your wedding. They aren’t only there to celebrate your wedding day with you but they are also there to give you their love and support for the rest of your lives. 

A gift that shouts “I appreciate you” is hard to come by and that’s why personalized gifts takes it to another level! Whether they are close friends or family members, having a present that shows their own sense of style or reminds them of all your memories means so much more than a simple necklace. 

Now a days it is becoming more and more popular to order personalized bridesmaid gifts. It is nice to receive a personalized gift from someone that has your name on it or explains your personality and what makes you, well, you!

When deciding what gift fits each individual, base it off of their interests, favorite color or a design that will reflect everyone’s unique different personalities and quirks. Adding their initials or full name makes the gift unique to them and will show all the thought and effort you put in to choosing that particular customized gift. 

A gift itself is special but when that gift has their name on it, it creates a different type of meaning to them. It makes that gift just that much more special. 

We always hear the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts” but why not really make the thought count by showing them you have taken the time to put in some thought just for that person with something they’ll actually appreciate and use. Deciding which gift to purchase for whom can always be a struggle but there are a few custom gift ideas that will work for anyone! 

Custom Gift Ideas

A simple pair of flip flops can be transformed from being just another pair of shoes into being personalized, turning it into a meaningful gift by simply have their name on the flip flops. These can be great at the wedding especially for the wedding party photos. By that time, everyone’s feet are probably hurting so with custom flip flops, everyone can still match and be comfortable. 

There is nothing like receiving a gift that has an extra meaning behind it. When a year has passed and they look down at that special gift from you whether it be flip flops, a bracelet, shirt, etc. it will have a warm spot in their heart, bringing a smile to their face. When it comes to custom gift ideas, there are so many choices it can be overwhelming, just keep in mind the person the gift is for and it will be greatly appreciated. 

Overall personalized Bridesmaids gifts are becoming more popular because it makes that gift appreciated and cherished. Every bridesmaid will have their own personalized gift to remember your friendship with. Nobody will feel as if they all just got one random gift that was quickly chosen. They will recognize each gift has a meaning behind it and was chosen just for them.

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