Friday, February 13, 2015

The single most important ingredient for being successful as a wedding photographer

Ok so you’re probably thinking that I’m going to say ‘technique’, ‘experience’ or ‘great people skills’. Well there’s no doubting that these factors are really important when it comes to being a proficient wedding photographer. However, the actual answer, and it’s really quite simple, is ‘attitude’.

You see its attitude that ultimately dictates how successful you will be in this field. Wedding photography, as a field, is over-saturated with photographers, many of whom are very talented. To compete in this market means that you have to stand out, and this in turn means that you have to have a really focussed ‘can do’ attitude.

When I first started in wedding photography there’s no doubt I felt disheartened. I kept looking at all the other photographers out there whose work was vastly superior to mine. I also became discouraged by the lack of weddings I was booking. I took solace and encouragement from my wife and close family, whose positive encouragement saw me through some tough times and self doubt. 4 years later we are 90% of the way towards our business can support us financially full-time. I learned a really important lesson. That to succeed in this brilliant career, you not only have to commit to continuously improving your skills, but you also have to become emotionally and psychologically resilient. To succeed, you simply have to ‘want it’ so much that you refuse to be defeated by the inevitable set backs and disappointments that WILL come along.

So yes, by all means invest in the latest gear, and most definitely invest in some of the brilliant training courses being run by established pros and online resources such as Creative Live. But most importantly of all, invest in yourself- your attitude, your resilience, and your spirituality. For it is only by looking after these fundamentals that you will be successful. In this respect there are some fantastic books out there that can help you on your journey, including the brilliant ‘7 habits of highly successful people’ by Steven Covey. 

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