Monday, February 23, 2015


I got married in 2007 and my father in law hired a videographer for our wedding. His name is Kale Fitch. I remember that day being the longest day of my life. It went by so quick, but it was one thing after another. Run here, go there. Oops you forgot the flowers, now you've got to run back home to get them before you're late. Oh wait, you're already late!
Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and a lot of planning goes into them. By the time the day was over, I remember thinking back on when we were standing in the receiving line greeting our guests, and I didn't remember 90% of who came to see us. That was the night of. Imagine me now almost 8 years later, do you think I remember who came? NO!

Weddings are about people. Think about it, your wedding day is likely the last day that all of those people will be in the same place at the same time. Seriously! Who are you planning your wedding for? Not just you, but for your guests. You want them to be comfortable, that's why you picked the chairs that you did. You want them to have good food to eat, that's why you hired the caterer, or maybe you just had some family and friends make some snacks. You chose the centerpieces with a specific style in mind, not to mention that beautiful cake that you had made specially for you. 

You spent months, or maybe even years planning your perfect wedding. Someone spent countless hours and lots of dollars to put together your special day. 

Quite the accomplishment huh!

Now let me get back to the question. Who/What inspired me? 

Think about how you felt at Christmas as a little child, you waited all year long for that special morning. You worked all year to be good so that Santa would bring you what you wanted. You stayed up all night, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Clause and his reindeer. Then after that long night anxiously waiting to open your presents, the morning is here! You tear up your presents, one by one and set them aside anxious to see what's next. After the long long day of traveling here and there, playing with your new toys, and showing off your new bike, it's time to turn in. You lay down on your pillow and as you drift off to sleep, you think back on the big day and think about what you've got to show for all the waiting. 

A couple of months after my wedding day, we got a package in the mail, it was our wedding video. I remember watching that video for the first time, and how emotional I got. I'm not sure how emotional my wife got, but I remember really loving it. It was us, and our special day that we put some much time, effort, and money into. It wasn't just pictures, it was sights and sounds that we experienced that day. 

I had a hobby of creating videos for YouTube, and after going to a wedding for my wife's cousin, and putting together a short video for her, I realized my love for it. I always knew that I wanted to make people happy for a living, I just never knew it would be making wedding videos. 

At a wedding, there are a certain number of scripted moments. The walk down the aisle, first kiss, first dance, and so on. Anyone can capture those. There are so many perfect, unscripted moments that happen in life that will never happen again, they have to be captured in the moment. The twinkle in a Groom's eye when he sees his Bride for the first time in her dress, the first tear rolling down a Bride's cheek when taking to the floor for her daddy/daughter dance. Being able to take these once in a lifetime moments, and carefully turning them into a mini-movie for my clients is what I love doing. Knowing that each Bride tears up every time she watches her video is why I continue doing it. 

It is said that if you love what you do for a living, you'll never work a day in your life. I am always busy, but I am never "working". 

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