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Top 10 ideas for a bachelor party written by: Virginia

Top 10 ideas for a bachelor party

Written by: Virginia

Do you want to hold an unforgettable bachelor party in London that will be the talk of town for years? Here are the top ten ideas for the best bachelor party in London.

1. Invite a popular artiste, DJ or trendy music band
Why not surprise the party guests by having the town’s popular DJ, or the trending music band steer the music entertainment. Ensure you book the celebrities early enough and just don’t let anyone 
know; it will be fascinating to surprise everyone at the party.

2. Invite lap dancers
This will really entice the men attending your bachelor party. Invite professional lap dancers and treat the gents by making their wildest dreams come true.

3. Host the party on a cruise boat
How about having the bachelor party held on a cruise boat. This can really be great during summer when the beach is just a wonderful place to be and the scenic views of London while on cruise will complement the party. 

4. Plan a hike 
Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities to do as a group of bachelors and will surely be unforgettable. You can tag along your guitar for entertainment.

5. A pool party
The cocktails, bikinis and the great music is something the bachelors will really enjoy. Select a swimming pool that can hold the number of guests you expect and have safety measures in place.

6. A zombie party
Create a horrific themed bachelor party with classic horror soundtracks, lighting and of course the costumes have to be the scariest. 

7. Casino party
Think of various gambling games you can engage the guests in such as darts, chess, poker and black jack. The music should be soul and blues to infuse the right mood for gambling.

8. Karaoke
A bachelor party with the guests singing their favourite songs will remain lively and of course unforgettable.

9. A cocktail party
Have the best bartenders from the top London bars to come and show the bachelors how great cocktails are made.

10. Get a bus or limo for the party
Pick up the guests in a limo or party bus with great music and drinks as you tour the streets of London. 

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