Thursday, March 19, 2015

Making Memories with Bristol Wedding Photographer, Jamie Dodd

Sometimes all the preparations needed for the perfect wedding can bury the whole purpose of the day. For some the day becomes more of a military exercise than the ultimate declaration of true love. No matter how carefully you prepare and organise everything, the nerves of the day are a combination of the main event and the desperate hope that everything goes according to plan.
For some, sadly, this means the day becomes a blur of ticking boxes as each element falls into place, the responsibility for most of the arrangements falling on the broadening shoulders of the bride and her family. It is bad enough hoping all your bridesmaids will turn up, that the flowers will be in the church and that the car won’t break down on the way to church. You pace back and forth nervously waiting for the hair stylist and make-up artist to appear and you struggle to eat a piece of toast with your usual morning coffee as there are so many butterflies whirling around in your stomach.
Come the big moment, the ceremony itself, and it is almost the first time you have had to relax all day as you stand before your loved one, ready to give yourself to the person you love for the rest of your life. All thoughts of plans and preparations fade into the background while, for a few fleeting moments, you get the chance to concentrate on what is truly important. Then, in a flash, the whole party starts and celebrations begin before you have had chance to draw breath. For so many the day passes by in such a blur that it is difficult to remember anything in specific, only everything in general.

That’s when choosing to have a professional Bristol wedding photographer record your special day becomes a godsend. Long gone are the days of the photographer taking a few photos of the happy couple after the wedding, some family gathering images and the bride and groom cutting the cake. Today a clever Bristol wedding photographer remains discreet, almost imperceptible in the background, yet managing to capture so many moments from the special day. A specialist Bristol wedding photographer like Jamie Dodd is able to create a storybook of your day that you and your newly betrothed can look through when all the dust has settled and you have the chance to finally enjoy all the little things you didn’t get the chance to see or notice on your special day. 

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