Tuesday, March 24, 2015


When most people think of a "videographer" they think of a guy with a camera. While this is somewhat true, a professional Videographer has skill far and above someone standing in a corner holding a camera. When I first got started doing videos, long before I did anything for hire, my understanding of a Videographer was the same as most others, "anyone can do that". 

As a professional, I keep up with the latest advancements in equipment and software, as well as techniques that enables me to complete every project I take on. Sometimes hard drives crash, or files get corrupted. I've got that handled! Maintgaining backups of all files is critical to my day to day, just in case something happens (because the unexpected always happens). Every time I pick up the phone and have a consultation with a prospective client, I feel like I won the lottery. I love taking on new challenges. I enjoy taking a client's idea and expanding on it with my skills to make it a one of a kind piece. 

When a client comes to me with an idea, it's because they want the project done better than they could do it themselves. I really love shooting wedding videos because the raw emotion is awesome, its inspiring to take the emotion that is present on a wedding day, and build in a cinematic quality that a Bride and Groom will watch again and again over the years. That being said, wedding videos are a breed all their own. On a wedding day, nothing ever goes to plan, and everything only happens once, that presents many challenges. If I miss a moment, it's gone forever. 

Corporate work, such as promotional videos, real estate, and other types of video work are exciting! They offer the ability for me to use my creativity, and run as many takes as we need to get the job done right. I get calls all the time asking if I do a certain type of video "YES" I do! If I can visualize it, let's do it!

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