Tuesday, March 3, 2015



For years I made videos for things that I wanted to most of the time. There was a turning point when people started seeing the value in the videos that I made, and started asking me to do paid gigs. All along the way, I have made a commitment to do work that I love to do. I occasionally get asked to do work that I can't visualize myself being involved with. If I can't be proud to show my works to my family and friends, why would I bother taking on the project right? 

While shooting Wedding videos and Real Estate pays my bills, I always love shooting videos for fun. The other day I was over at my in laws house for a gathering of youth, and leaders that recently participated in a retreat to help the youth decide if they wanted to go on a mission or not. I brought my camera along and captured thoughts of many of the participants, and afterwards  I put together a video. 

We just sold our house, and rather than be trying to find a house right off the bat, we are moving into my in law's house for a while so that we can find the perfect house. I am so anxious to have a room that I can use as a studio to record some videos like I used to. Green screen room with some sound proofing, portrait studio. I LOVE electronics, gadgets, and keeping up with the news. I plan on significantly increasing my YouTube presence once I have a dedicated place to shoot videos weekly. or even daily. 

Shooting weddings, I run into a lot of Photographers who hate what they do. I have worked with photographers who can't stop complaining about the Bride, or the mother. For me, I refuse to do what I don't like! That being said, last year I shot 2-3 weddings per week for most of the year, that was a bit crazy! The thing about a wedding video is that everything in a wedding day happens once, and there is no stopping. It's like a roller coaster that has reached the top of the tracks. Once it goes, it keeps going until the grand exit. In order for any story to be effective, and with Weddings, the emotion is real, and IN YOUR FACE. With a promotional film, the emotion has to be scripted, the delivery has to be precise, and the camera angle/movement have to help carry the story. I love doing every type of video so that I have a wide variety of work. 

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