Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We Must Be Crazy!

So we decided to adopt 3 kids about 5 years ago, many of you already know the story so I won't bore you with the details. The kids came into our lives all at once, so we had no choice but to squeeze 5 of us in a 1,000 sq/ft house. The very house that we moved into with the expectation that we'd probably end up moving out of after about 5 years, and hopefully a kid or two. Well, heaven had a different plan for us.
My wife and I of course have one bedroom, and I have used one of the bedrooms as an "office" for years now, leaving the third bedroom for all 3 boys. it didn't take long for us to figure out that we had already grown out of our home, not even a year after moving into it. When the realization first set in, it was too late for us to do anything to do about it. We had no ability to move since our home value plummeted in response to the Housing market in Utah at the time. We even checked about a year ago to see if our home value had increased enough to sell and move into something more suitable for a growing family, and an at home business. After having some friends in the neighborhood sell within a couple weeks, then more friends sold within 24 hours we knew we had to look into it again. 
After some careful consideration, we decided to put our house on the market, for more than what our realtor suggested we do, and within 24 hours we had a bidding war on our hands. Pretty cool huh! In some ways yes, in others, not so much. This time around, we are being much more careful as to the house we pick so it's not like we can just pick a house and move right in as our home sells. Where does that leave us? In-Law bound! Yup, we're moving in with my in-laws. Not into a cozy apartment like we did the first year we were married while we saved for a down payment, this time we are going upstairs in the two spare bedrooms. Now instead of squeezing 5 people, and 2 office spaces into 3 bedrooms, we get to squeeze into 2 bedrooms! We really must be CRAZY!
At least at the end of all of this we will hopefully have a house that will fit us better! When I started making YouTube videos and wedding videos for fun, I never thought that I would end up with a studio in my house, but that is the plan. 
When I first started in Video, I was doing it for fun, for me. That's it. unboxing videos, tutorials, and more. Now that my business is growing, the needs of my clients, as well as myself are growing. I've got plans for area to do head shots and other portraiture work, as well as green screen, white screen, black screen, and other back drops. I also have my heart set on making the area somewhat sound proof for better audio recording as well. I started doing video for me, and now that my passion is making me money, I really want to do more videos for things that I want to see. I'll be ramping up my YouTube presence with ongoing tech news, how to videos, and more. 
The end result of our moving into a small space for a few months will ultimately let me do more of what I love, so I guess it's ok.

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